From Lab Coats to Pull-Ups... 🤷‍♀️

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2024

Hey there, if we haven't crossed paths before, I'm a Jersey native with a passion for Biological Chemistry. Life threw me a curveball back in 2010 when I faced an ACL injury during my gymnastics days. Despite the challenges, I bounced back and stumbled into the exciting realm of fitness competitions. Skipping ahead a bit, I proudly earned the title of Miss Fitness America in 2016, but the journey didn't stop there.

Leaving my stable job in cancer research, I opened a gym, faced the American Ninja Warrior course, and even tore my ACL a SECOND TIME.

But setbacks are just setups for comebacks, right?

I transformed my life, moved to NYC, and emerged as a top trainer, dedicated to helping women conquer the pull-up and overcome life's obstacles.

So, how did I go from a biochemist to an online pull-up coach? The pull-up became more than a physical achievement; it became a gateway to newfound confidence and possibilities in the lives of the incredible women I've had the privilege to...

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Stop Waiting.. it might be too late 😓

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2024

Let's dive into something we've all experienced: that nagging feeling when we know what we SHOULD be doing, but we find ourselves hesitating. Procrastination is a SILENT DREAM KILLER, and trust me, I've been there. Whether it's conquering pull-ups or tackling life's challenges, it's time to stop waiting because, in the words of my favorite ninja mentors, "It might be too late." 

Here's a little story that might resonate with you: Picture this – the Ninja Warrior course is set, the crowd is cheering, and there's a voice in your head saying, "I got this." But then, doubt creeps in, and suddenly you're FROZEN. Sound familiar? We've all been there – paralyzed by fear, uncertainty, or simply the overwhelming enormity of the task at hand.

But guess what? The clock is ticking, and it's time to break free from the chains of procrastination!

Here are three tips from yours truly to help you seize the moment and conquer whatever stands in your...

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Consistency doesn't mean perfection... 🙌

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2024

Being consistent doesn't mean striving for perfection. Consistency is about showing up, giving your best, and embracing the journey even when it gets tough. I've been there – tearing my ACL, facing setbacks – but those moments shaped my resilience and made my comebacks even more epic.

Here are three tips to help you embrace consistency over perfection:

1. Set Realistic Goals: Instead of aiming for perfection, set realistic and achievable goals. Break them down into smaller milestones, and celebrate every step forward.

2. Mindset Matters: Shift your mindset from an "all or nothing" approach to an "all in" mindset. Understand that progress is progress, no matter how small. Consistency builds strength, both physically and mentally.

3. Create a Routine: Establish a routine that fits your lifestyle. Consistency thrives on routine, making it easier to stay on track. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it, adapting when needed but never giving...

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What if it all goes right!? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2024

BIG NEWS – we're shaking things up and moving our weekly Monday newsletter to Sunday nights. Why? So you can dive into our killer workout on Monday, kickstarting your week on a high note! Get ready to level up and own those positive choices.

Exciting changes are on the horizon as we rebrand our Monday email to the catchy "What if it all goes right!?" – stay tuned for a wave of inspiration and fresh challenges coming your way!

Now, let's talk about the magic of manifesting. Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if everything went right? It's time to flip the script and focus on the positive. I've made daily journaling a ritual, not just to write down dreams but to FEEL them. The result? Manifesting incredible things has become second nature, emphasizing what I CAN do over what I haven't.

Here are some positive effects of manifesting that'll rock your world:

 Increased Positivity: Shifting your focus to positive outcomes...

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All down hill after 30 🙄….

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2024

In this blog, I want to address a common myth - the whole "it's all downhill after 30" nonsense. Seriously, who came up with that? I've been told my goals are unrealistic for my age, but I'm here to share that age is just a number, and it's all about the mindset you bring to it.

Here are some approaches I am taking to transform my body:

1. Prioritizing Sleep: Yes, my body has changed in my 30s, but it's all for the BETTER. I've learned to make sleep a non-negotiable priority. Quality rest fuels the warrior within, and it's a game-changer for overall well-being.

2. Always Warming Up: No more skipping warm-ups! It's a crucial part of my routine now. Taking those extra minutes to prepare my body has not only prevented injuries but has also significantly improved my performance. Age may bring changes, but a good warm-up is timeless.

3. Multiple Recovery Days: Embracing recovery days has been a game-changer. In my 30s, I've come to...

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Leaving this behind in 2023... 👋

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2024

As we embark on a new journey this 2024, it's a perfect time to REFLECT, RESET, and RECHARGE. But first, let me say, can you believe how FAST this year flew by? It's been a whirlwind for me too, filled with challenges and triumphs that have shaped me into the person I am today.

Let's dive into some reflections, shall we?

1. What I DID Accomplish!!

I'm proud to announce that the Pull-up Revolution community has grown stronger than ever. We've seen over 500 incredible women conquer their pull-ups and overcome obstacles not just in the gym but in life. Your dedication and resilience inspire me daily.

2. Areas for Growth

Yes, even I have areas where I'm looking to level up. That's the beauty of personal growth. Recognizing where we can improve is the first step to crushing our goals. Stay tuned for exciting things to come in 2024, including a Goal Setting Workshop mid-January.

3. The Importance of Reflection

Some may call it "dumb," but I swear by the power of...

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A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect..

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2023

Merry Christmas!

Let me take you back to a day filled with surprises, cheers from strangers, and a tie-breaking pull-up showdown that I never saw coming. Imagine the joy of unwrapping a gift and finding something more incredible than you ever expected. A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.

So, there I was, randomly showing up to a pull-up competition—no script, no plan, just the thrill of the unknown. A friend nudged me to give it a shot, and being the adventurous soul that I am, I thought, "Why not?" Little did I know, this experience would become a symbol of the power of support, encouragement, and pushing beyond our limits.

Pull-ups are my jam ‍, and helping women conquer their first one is my mission. But that day, I decided to challenge myself. The result? A room full of strangers rallying behind me, urging me to conquer challenges I hadn't anticipated.

Fast forward, and guess what? I found myself in a tie with another INCREDIBLE...

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What do you need to let go of in the new year?

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2023

Today, we're diving into the theme of LETTING GO as we step into the new year. But first, let me share a bit about my journey and why this topic resonates so deeply with me.

Reflecting on the past year, I've realized the power of letting go. The highs, the lows—it's all part of the journey. Just like in my ninja training, I've learned that holding onto negativity and doubts only weighs us down. So, I've developed a ritual that might seem a tad dramatic but carries immense significance for me—I write down what I want to let go of and set it ablaze.

Here's what I'm releasing into the flames:

1. Negative Thoughts: We all have them, but they don't define us. It's time to let go and make room for positivity.

2. Doubting Myself and My Abilities: The mind is a powerful tool. It's time to trust in our strength and capabilities.

3. Screen Time: In a world dominated by screens, I'm choosing to be more present. Limiting screen time allows us to...

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Feeling overwhelmed? 😩

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2023

Let's dive into something many of us can relate to: feeling overwhelmed by the countless workout programs and diets that promise the moon but end up causing burnout. I recently had an inspiring conversation with a fellow warrior from the Pull-Up Revolution program, and her story hit home for many of us.

She shared her experience of juggling multiple programs and diets, trying to keep up with the demands of a hectic job. Eventually, THE BURNOUT HIT, and fitness took a back seat. After a few years of putting everything else first, she decided it was TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Enter the Pull-Up Revolution program. What she loves about it? It's simple, it's doable, and it doesn't require a gym membership or fancy equipment. The structure remains consistent, making it easy to follow – whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey.

Here are a couple of nuggets of wisdom I shared with her as she embarks on...

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Identifying Roadblocks Before They Even Happen! 💥

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2023

Let's dive into identifying roadblocks before they even happen. Our Strong Feels Good 2.0 12-week program just kicked off, and we spent time NOT ONLY setting goals but also figuring out what might stand in our way. Because let's face it, life loves to throw curveballs when we least expect it.

Think about the roadblocks you've faced before. Did you conquer them, or did they conquer you? It's time to be proactive and prepare for those challenges so that you can keep showing up for yourself and your goals.

Here are a few examples of roadblocks and how we can tackle them head-on:

Busy Work Schedule: My personal challenge was letting work take over my workout time. The solution? I booked myself into a class, forcing me to be present and committed. ‍

Crazy Work Week: One of my clients faced a hectic work week. Her strategy? Pre-prepped meals to stay on track and condensed her workouts to quick, effective 10-minute sessions over the weekend.


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