How you do one thing is how you do everything

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2023

This weekend as packed with so many incredible moments. At first, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything happening…

But I took a moment to breathe and really BE in each moment.


I got to see my 1:1 client Rhonda who runs @southernhomeandfarm, a beautiful instagram account that is all about gardening, design, etc. I helped her lock down a speaking event at the Home & Garden Expo in Austin! So I came to film her, support her, and I got to meet her family! It was awesome to see her in element on stage and she completely crushed it! Go Rhonda!

Then Friday night my boyfriend set up a surprise date night. To be honest, I thought we were gonna do some kind of activity!  When I met up with him, he could tell I was flustered with everything going on and needed a second to reconnect. So he told me we were going to eye gaze for 3 minutes before we head out.

Have you eye gazed before? Because damn it feels awkward and it forces you to slow down breath and come...

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New Year, Free Challenge, So many possibilities!

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2023

Welcome to 2023…. 

Where you have…

So many possibilities

You can make it whatever YOU want it to be…

A few week ago I started to plan for 2023 by doing a few things:


1. I wrote out what I DID accomplish in 2022

So many times we think of the things we DIDN’T do.. but what about the things we DID do and did accomplish? 

2. I started to visualize what my perfect life looked like and how that felt

Trying to think of the small details and things that actually matter

3. I did a MASSIVE brain dump

 Putting everything I wanted to achieve on paper and dividing it into Personal, Business, Financial, Relationship Goals

4. I asked myself why

Why do I want to achieve these goals? How will they make me feel? Does it align with my purpose?

5. Created a Vision Board

I am still in the works of fine tuning my board so I will share once it's done! 

 My next step is to sit down and write out SMALL actionable steps that I can take each week...

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I am uncomfortable during holidays 🙋🏻‍♀️

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2022

Today I want to give you a reminder that it’s OKAY if...

You didn’t get your workouts in

Your routine is completely out of whack (I know mine is)

You’re “behind” on your normal stuff

You didn’t eat “healthy” and maybe ate more than normal

That’s what happens during the holiday season. It’s okay and it’s also temporary. The holiday season does not last forever!

It’s honestly good for our body to be “out of routine” sometimes, it’s okay to take a break from it all. 

I had to remind myself of this when I started to beat myself up for not keeping on top of my “Non-Negotiables” that I do everyday.

I reminded myself that just like if I eat a handful of cookies one day, and I think my body will completely transform and I will lose ALL my progress because of that ONE cookie moment... or two…

The reality is that nothing changed. I was fine. And those cookies made me feel good...

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I'm moving again 😅

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

Yes, it’s true. If you’ve been on this adventure with me for awhile you’ve known that I have literally been ALL over haha, but Austin is definitely where I want to stay!

So I wanted to take today to go through a quick recap of It’s been a journey!


1990-2008: Byram, New Jersey

Where I was born, the only thing that is known there is a place called Wild West City. While I am a “Jersey Girl” I didn’t live by anywhere that was very Jersey. Not in a city, not by the shore, I literally was in the woods right near Pennsylvania

2008-2018: Rhode Island

I moved to Rhode Island to go to school for Biological Chemistry (I have a degree in that), I think stayed and worked at Brown University, Followed by a pharmaceutical company named Genzyme. When I quit…I was working at a Gymnastics Gym Called Dream Big Gymnastics and started training the adults of the parents of the gymnastics students! One thing lead to another and I wound...

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Drunk off Coconuts 🥥🌴

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2022

Not drunk like that.... read more to find out.

As some of you may know I spent the week in the Big Island, Hawaii. This trip was super spontaneous, found really cheap flight tickets on Southwest and my best friend Marissa already had an Airbnb Booked with her and three other friends that I didn’t really know.

I was nervous at first. I honestly have never been on a true “girls trip” but the timing felt right & decided to go, and I am so glad I did.

Let me first start with saying that I know on instagram you might think “wow it’s so lucky these girls get to go on these trips, must be nice…” BUT ALL of us worked every morning at 4am. We worked hard on the computers, did meetings, etc. and then spent time enjoying the day after that. That’s why working remote is so amazing!

We also ALL stuck to some of our routines, taking our supplements, drinking water, meditating, keeping on track with our healthy habits in the best way we...

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Free workouts every Monday! 🥳

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2022

I had to do A LOT of adulting last know, the pile of papers you have from the mail, the tedious stuff like renewing your insurance, paying tolls, random bills...

 It's not glamorous, but it's reality. I did a lot of that last week and it feels so good to have it all done. 

 I am also currently looking for new apartments!  I've moved literally every year or I've been nomadic so I am excited to get this next place and stay for a long while! 

 Lastly! Took a trip out to Friedrickburg in Texas!! Its a CUTE little town with tons of character! Lots of great German Restaurants and all the Xmas themes!

In other random news, each Monday I am going to be giving you a FREE Workout every Monday! All you have to do is click play! This way you at least have ONE workout that you can commit to getting done and NEVER Miss a Monday. Click here to register to get the free workouts!

1:1 Coaching

I was BLOWN away by my clients results in 30 Days!! So...

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Happiness is not always what you think

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2022

I wanted to take some time today to talk about the definition of happiness. 

Personally, I always thought if I hit a certain number of sales in my business, got on the cover of a magazine or had the perfect boyfriend that I would feel “happy” because I feel successful.

But it wasn’t.

Even after I hit some of those milestones, I still felt alone and sad, because I wasn’t happy during the process. And I was even more sad when I realized that those things wouldn’t change the way I felt about myself.

It’s like that saying “xi” I know a lot of you might be like “Angela… having abs will ABSOLUTELY make me happy.

But the HARD truth is that you won’t be.

Happiness is learning to be happy where you are right in this moment; the imperfections, the good the bad.

Only when you have that, will you be happy.

Last week, I could have felt sad because the holidays typically aren’t great for me. I got broken...

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I suck at drinking water. Anyone else?

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Seriously, I am not one of those people who feel thirsty, and I can go the entire day not drinking water and then I wonder to myself, "why the hell do I have low energy and feel like shit?"

So here are a few things I have been doing to stay hydrated. Maybe these tips will help you too!

Drinking TWO Glasses of water in the morning

This is my NO-BS approach to make sure you get SOME water in because let’s face it, something is better than nothing!

Carrying a jug around with me

I used to be that girl carrying around a plastic milk jug water bottle, and it was SO annoying to carry it around, so I knew if I drank it, then I wouldn’t have to carry it anymore! I now have upgraded to this super cute jug that has motivational lines on it. I can refill it with my own filtered water, saving me money, saving the environment and all the things. Here’s a link to the flask if you want to grab one from amazon.


Getting a Reverse Osmosis Water...

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7 of my Favorite Easily Digestible Books


Today I wanted to share 7 Books that are EASILY Digestible and changed my life....

 First I want to start off by saying that I am a SLOW reader and I always have been. For the longest time, I was embarrassed by this. I had friends cranking through a few books a week and I just could NOT keep up.

I decided to give myself permission to read as SLOW, as I want so I can really understand and absorb each book.

These books were all EASY to read, digestible, and I was able to actually take action after them, which is something I feel like is super important.

You can READ get all the advice you want but it's important to actually implement it. 

Also I visited the Ryan Holiday Book Store this weekend! It was so damn cute, located in a small town, and he had notes on certain books that explained why he loved them so much! And it inspired me to make this

The Mountain is YOU

I WILL be reading this multiple times. It's a great book on self sabotage it gives you reasons for WHY you feel...

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With the right belief and guidance, you can do anything 

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2022

It's true. "With the right belief and can truly do anything" 

And I don't mean YOU having belief in yourself. 

Because the truth is, most of the time we don't actually believe in ourselves. We second guess ourselves, we think of reasons why we aren't good enough or reasons why things will go wrong. 

So TWO things will happen here:

  • You DO IT anyway...and the belief comes later 
  • You have someone around who believes in you so damn much, that it starts to rub off on you. It starts to drive you to take action because THEY see something in you that you don't see yet 

This has happened so many times for me.

  1. Before I started Fitness competition, someone brought me to meet Cathy Savage. The OG of fitness and the leader of all things Fitness Competition. I sat in her office, young, scared, still working as a  biochemist and after our conversation she said "I am sponsoring you to do a competition in a few weeks, coaching, outfits etc" I was in...
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