We Cry, but We Don’t Quit! πŸ₯²πŸ’ͺ

Uncategorized May 28, 2024

Wow, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind! I moved into a new apartment after my partner and I decided to break up. (I thought it would take about 2 hours, but it took WAY longer than that! On the same day, I taught a class in front of hundreds of amazing people in Austin, hosted TWO free workshops with hundreds of women, welcomed a ton of new women to the Pull-up Revolution Program (who we are SO excited to support!), and was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my CLOSEST and dearest friends, Megan. (We’ve done Ninja Warrior several times together!)

But I want to be real with you. That was A LOT, haha, and there were a few days last week where I just couldn’t help but cry because I was so damn exhausted in all the ways. I also wanted to make sure I was SUPER present for my friend's wedding, and I always give 110% to my work and my clients.

What people DON’T talk about often is how HARD it can be to do it all. For me, it's running a business and a team of...

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It’s H.A.W.T. Girl Summer... You In? 🌞πŸ”₯

Uncategorized May 21, 2024

With my recent singleness, I feel like it’s a time to “re-discover” myself. It’s a new beginning, an opportunity to continue becoming a better version of myself and truly look inward.

So, my friend April and I decided we are having a “H.A.W.T.” Girl Summer. But not the kind of “hot girl summer” you might think. Instead of trying to date, we’re focusing on ME and really dating myself again! Here’s the plan and what this stands for:


Each day, I will be getting familiar and comfortable with picturing the best possible version of myself. How does it feel? Who am I with? What am I doing? And at the same time, taking a moment to be grateful for what I already have! Because the truth is, if you aren’t grateful for what you have right now, no matter the circumstance, you will never truly be happy even when you DO achieve and get everything you ever...

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You don’t need to be β€œconfident” to start” πŸ’ͺ

Uncategorized May 14, 2024

In a world that often glorifies confidence as the key ingredient for success, let's take a moment to redefine the narrative. "Confidence, while undoubtedly valuable, isn't always readily available to everyone especially when life is lifing" as my friend Jess Glazer says! It's not a prerequisite for embarking on your journey toward your goals. What truly matters is courage and bravery!

So what is Courage vs. Confidence?

Confidence is the belief in oneself and one's abilities. It's the assurance that you can tackle a task or overcome a challenge. Confidence often stems from past successes, positive feedback, or a strong sense of self.

On the other hand, courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear, uncertainty, or doubt. It's about stepping into the unknown, embracing vulnerability, and pushing past your comfort zone. Courage doesn't require certainty or a track record of success. It thrives in the realm of uncertainty.

Three Tips to Cultivate Courage and...

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It's okay, to not be okay

Uncategorized May 07, 2024

Let me tell you transparently, I have been “going through it”...

I shared a few emails back that I am going through a break-up and damn, it has my mind spinning. While I know it’s the right decision, I am battling the thoughts of “not being enough.” I am struggling to surrender and just let myself be sad because I want so badly to be “okay” when I am, in fact, not okay. And I just want to remind you here that “It’s okay to not be okay.” 

One of the biggest things I’ve learned through all the tough moments in my life—tearing my ACL on National Television, having a super embarrassing costume malfunction on stage during my fitness America, and so many others—is that you can’t bypass the “feelings part.” For some people, it hits them immediately; for others, it’s more of a delayed reaction. But it’s okay to feel things because we are human, and that’s a part of life....

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Well this is embarrassing..πŸ™ˆπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2024

Today, I'm tackling an EMBARRASSING topic: my terrible running skills ‍.

I'll admit it—I'm slow, short, and always lagging behind when I run with friends. I often find myself waiting for a chance to take a break, feeling like I'm dying inside…

You’d think that being a college gymnast, Ninja, Miss Fitness America, and an athlete would make me good at running. But nope! I remember trying to pass the Presidential and National fitness tests in school. All I needed was an 8-minute mile for the "better award," and I just couldn’t do it. I’d skip lunch to "try again," but always clocked around 10 minutes. Eventually, the teacher said, “I’m just going to give you the award.” I still felt like I hadn’t earned it .

But recently, I realized that the way YOU feel about pull-ups is how I feel about running.

It’s time for a CHANGE. It’s time to rewrite my running story, because conquering this challenge...

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We *actually* broke up πŸ’”

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2024

I debated whether to share the news of my recent break-up, but then I realized someone out there might relate. I don’t write these newsletters for sympathy but to share the lessons and insights I gain. Maybe you'll find a nugget of wisdom to help you navigate life's challenges.

This break-up was unlike any I've experienced before—it was mutual. Yet, even mutual decisions are emotionally draining. You grieve the life you envisioned, the relationship, and the loss of a wonderful family.

In the coming weeks, I'll juggle my usual workload while preparing to move again. Fortunately, I'm staying in the same complex but moving to another unit. Still, it's disruptive. After years of travel and adventure, I'm grateful for a home of my own, though the moving process is always stressful.

Despite hosting the largest Pull-up Workshop ever and landing my dream gig in NYC, I've taken time to grieve this loss.

Many focus on the negatives in a relationship, but this one brought...

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8 Phases of Getting a Pull-Up

pull-ups Apr 17, 2024

Are you a woman determined to master the pull-up? Do you find yourself longing to achieve that impressive feat of strength but feel stuck in your progress? If so, you're in the right place. Hi, I'm Angela Gargano, and I've guided over 500 women in conquering their first pull-up. And I'm here to share my unique approach tailored specifically for women like you. ‍

Perhaps you've been relying on assisted bands or attempting intimidating drills without much success. It's time to shift your mindset and embrace a new strategy—one that breaks down the journey into manageable phases.

Phase One: Hanging On

Let's start at the beginning. Phase one involves simply hanging onto the bar, even if only for a few fleeting seconds. It may feel challenging at first, but it's a crucial foundation to build upon. Focus on your grip strength and gradually increase your hang time as you gain confidence.

Phase Two: Extended Hang

In phase two, aim to increase your hang time to around 20 to...

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Self Conscious ➑️ Self Confident

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2024

A few weeks ago, I drove to Dallas to speak to a group of amazing ladies about transitioning from Self-Conscious to Self-Confident. I'm not sure if some of you know this, but growing up, I was actually called “Mandela”. When I was younger, being strong wasn’t considered beautiful; it was seen as “different”. In order to avoid being made fun of, I would go to school completely covered from head to toe, even if it was 100,000 degrees out. I was ashamed of my body.

Modeling agencies told me I was too short and manly to model, advising me not to even try. ‍

So when people "look at me" now and say, “Wow, she’s so confident”, or “Wow, she probably got those titles so easily”, the truth is that’s not the case at all. Everything was WAY harder for me, and not only did I have to break through many obstacles to get here, but I also had to deal with all the internal battles I was...

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Going to Bouncey Town!

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2024

This week, my dear friend April celebrated her 32nd trip around the sun, and boy, did we make it memorable! Originally planning a laser tag extravaganza, fate had other plans as the venue was unexpectedly closed. But you know what they say about ninjas, right? We adapt and overcome!

So, we pivoted like pros and headed to the Urban Trampoline Park right here in Austin. Let me tell you, folks, it was like stepping into a wonderland for adults! With ninja warrior courses, trampolines, ropes courses, ziplines, and even laser tag, we had an absolute blast. And the best part? We practically had the place to ourselves!

It was a reminder of the importance of staying active and playful, no matter our age. We laughed, we jumped, and we felt like kids again. And amidst all the fun, I couldn't help but appreciate the fact that my incredible friends, all in their 30s and beyond, chose an active adventure over a typical night out. It's a testament to the power of...

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We Saved a baby Squirrel.. 🐿

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2024

Let me hit you with a little story that happened recently. Picture this: a sunny day in Austin, my boyfriend and I taking care of business, when suddenly, we stumble upon a little creature in need. Yep, you guessed it, a baby squirrel!

Now, normally I’m all about conquering obstacles, but this one was a different kind of challenge. I couldn’t just walk away. This little guy needed help. So, we sprang into action. Despite initial reluctance from my boyfriend (typical!), we made sure that furry friend got the care it needed.

Fast forward a bit, and we found ourselves playing nurse to this tiny critter, waiting anxiously for a call back from animal control. We nursed him, watched over him, and made sure he was comfortable.

Long story short, after a nerve-wracking journey to a special animal hospital, we got the news we’d been hoping for: the little guy was a fighter! He made it through the night, and now he’s on his way to a full recovery....

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