warrior of the week Sep 03, 2021
“I cannot believe I can do that many pushups in a minute now.

Our Warrior of the Week is Julia! Julia is a hard-working mom with a high-stress job, and she joined instagram after not being super active on social media and discovered an online workout community but she wasn’t super satisfied with the workouts, but then she found me and did one of my 14 Day Challenges. She tried a variety of in-person programs but as a busy working mom of two teenagers, she struggled to find time to get to these in-person classes on time and then didn’t really see results, because random workouts give you random results.

So what was missing? Structure. Accountability. Strategy. Progression. Julia loves the technical and precise method and format of Strong Feels Good. She never thought that she could have a satisfying fitness program at home that actually had results. The strength tests have proven to her just what she is capable of. She works out every morning and that has encouraged...

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warrior of the week Aug 20, 2021
“I was so excited to find this, and it’s been so wonderful and amazing. I love the idea that I can get up and feel really good, and also know that someone really thought about it, and I don’t have to.”

Nikki is from Chicago but she lives in Berkeley, CA and works with giving away grants to nonprofit organizations. In high school she played tennis and field hockey, and she loves being active (especially outdoors)! Her grandfather lived to be 102 and inspired her with his daily fitness regimen and helped her understand the value and importance of movement and exercise. She started getting into running while she was living in California, but once Covid hit a week before the Berkeley half marathon, group running came to a halt. That’s when she found me on the Women’s Health instagram.

Nikki was piecing together random workouts and not seeing much progress. They weren’t really thought-out and they didn’t fit together. When she joined the...

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Celebrating Our Summer Shred WINNERS

My 12 Week Summer Shred Series ended this week and I had to choose three winners. It was a TOUGH choice since so many of my shredders absolutely annihilated the program and I'm SO proud of everyone. You know, it was hard to stay on track! With the summer in full swing and the world opening up after so many of us were locked inside, staying motivated and consistent was challenging. But this crew CRUSHED it. I am honored to announce the THREE Winners of the Summer Shred Series and to chat a bit more about their personal journeys.

First Place: Best Transformation

Winner of $1000 Cash

1:1 Session with me ($250)

3 Months FREE of Strong Feels Good Gold Program (priceless, we no longer offer this program)

Rebeca B.

All the way from Mexico, Rebeca literally showed up to EVERY SINGLE day for her workouts and to ALL the Zoom Classes. She truly dedicated herself even when times got tough. And I couldn’t be more THRILLED than to gift her this cash prize because I KNOW she is going...

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warrior of the week Aug 06, 2021
“Reminding yourself that if you stay consistent and continue doing the exercises, that’s going to put you in a better spot for when your injury is healed.”

I am so honored that Sam shared her story with me. Her fitness journey has been a meaningful one and it has been a huge part of who she is. In high school, she suffered from an eating disorder, anxiety, and self-harm, and exercise and lifting helped her recover and shift her mindset. Exercise has helped her learn the value of strength and what the body can do. 

She’s battled a SLAP tear in her labrum, and she’s done an amazing job with working around her injury and listening to her body. Sam is what we call an A+ student, especially in regards to how she is able to safely modify her exercises to allow her injury to heal.  

Sam is so consistent and shows up for herself every day. How does she do it? First off, she knows herself and knows what’s best for her. She knows she’s...

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I Photoshopped Myself on the Cover of a Magazine... Here's What Happened

motivation Jul 30, 2021


Growing up, I always looked up to the women on Oxygen Magazine Cover. Their image projected confident, strong leaders in the industry. I always felt like I had SOMETHING in me, and I would read through the articles and picture myself being on the cover one day. At the time, it seemed impossible and out of reach. Little did I know, my dream would become a reality at the age of 31. 

How did it all start? 

In 2013, I started doing fitness competitions, feeling more confident with my body, and developing a love for being on camera, whether it was in video or in photographs. I started my own youtube channel and even did some content for a popular platform called diet.com

One of my first videos....


I was definitely knowledgable about all things working out and nutrition from my experience as a college gymnast, fitness competitor, and ninja warrior. Viewers told me I had a more digestible and welcoming way of explaining movements from my background of...

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warrior of the week Jul 23, 2021

Rebeca is originally from Mexico, but she has lived and traveled all over the world and dabbled in several different careers! In December, she started her own business, and when starting a business from the ground up, it’s always a financial struggle, but add in a global pandemic and it’s extra hard!

Growing up as a teenager, she was chubby and didn’t like exercising. But she started little by little running and doing pilates. She’s spent the last 13 years in and out of gyms, trying lots of different things like pilates, crossfit, and weight training, but she had a hard time sticking to something. She found Angela through Women’s Health, and during the pandemic, she found that exercising and listening to mindfulness podcasts helped her handle her stress, and so she decided to join my Summer Shred.

Several years ago, Rebeca suffered an injury while she was doing crossfit, and that’s why she has really benefited from the progressions and the...

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warrior of the week Jul 16, 2021

“It’s made me stronger inside and outside”

Meet our Warrior of the Week, all the way from Munich, Germany, Ev! Ev works as an HR manager, and has spent a lot of her life being active. She enjoyed taking classes at the gym… until the gyms closed. She never thought she’d be able to work out at home, but found Angela through the Women’s Health instagram page, and soon realized that working out at home wasn’t so bad when you find the right program and trainer! She eventually joined the Strong Feels Good program.

Ev loves the structure of the program and how it builds, and despite going to the gym before the pandemic, she never structured her workouts or did any strength tests. She even used to spend upwards of two hours or more at the gym, but with Strong Feels Good, she only needs 30-45 minutes. She doesn’t just love the physical part of the program, but she’s really gained a lot from the mental aspect: the meditation and setting...

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warrior of the week Jul 09, 2021

Our Warrior of the Week is the amazing Francine! Francine and her husband of 30 years live in New Jersey and own an upholstery business. She used to work out and work with trainers, and when she turned 50 she really started to get serious about it. During the pandemic, when the gyms were shut down and she didn’t have a lot of equipment in her home, she struggled to stay active and consistent. Something was missing.

It turns out the missing piece was accountability, and she got that with one of my 14 day challenges. After the challenge, she signed up for my SFG membership. She’s connected with the men and women of Strong Feels Good; people of all ages from all over the world, coming together for a common goal. 

Francine has been able to advance in her exercise progressions and see progress in her strength tests. She’s also been doing my Core Revolution program and learned so much about how to properly use her core, and how something that seems so simple can be...

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warrior of the week Jul 02, 2021

This week’s spotlight is a little different because instead of doing the interview over Zoom, I had the amazing opportunity to MEET my client in person! I started my business online right around the time Covid hit, and so the overwhelming majority of my interactions have been through a computer, but there’s something really special about that face-to-fact contact. It helped me realize even more the impact that anyone can make on someone’s life!

Our Warrior of the Week is Tiffany! Tiffany is a mom of two high school kids and currently lives in Ohio. She has always lived an active lifestyle and always loved fitness, but when Covid hit, she lost the gym and those who kept her accountable and she felt like she hit a plateau. She joined one of my two-week challenges, and instantly felt connected. She signed up for Strong Feels Good and at the time of this recording, was on her 100th day! 

The Strong Feels Good community is second to NONE, and Tiffany absolutely...

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America Ninja Warrior Season 13 Recap

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2021

There’s A LOT I want to share with you all and I will BUT the first thing I want to talk about is Ninja Warrior.

Monday 8pm EST is when my Eposide is supposed to air. 

Unfortunately, I got word from the producers that my run will not be shown this year. There are hundreds of competitors fighting for only about 20-30 spots to be aired. You might see a glimpses of me but not the whole thing. 

I honestly am totally okay with this.  I don’t do Ninja to “just” be on TV.

I do it to test my limits.

I do it for the community, and because it’s just so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like working out.

ALSO… I was being extremely cautious this year since I was shooting my COVER of Oxygen Magazine the following week… which has been a dream of mine for YEARS (more to come on that) 

While I won’t be aired, I want you to keep an eye out for some of my amazing training buddies: Rachel Degutz, Abby Clark, Casey...

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