Analyzing My Blood Work with Jonathan Mendoza (Part 2)

jonathan mendoza podcast Jul 18, 2022

Here’s part 2 of this awesome series! I got some blood work done, and I am sharing my results with YOU. We’re going to go through my lab results with Jonathan Mendoza, a nurse practitioner and chiropractor. If you want to read and follow along, here are my results!. Missed part one? Check it out HERE!

In part 2, we’re doing a deep dive into the state of my liver, my inflamed thyroid and what it means for me, how stress hormones affect your sleep, the importance of a morning routine, and how your emotions play a huge role in what you eat and why. 

I hope this series helps you learn more about what your labs can tell you about your body. Stay tuned for part 3 next week!


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I want you to be able to do it on your own....

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

I want you to be able to do it on your own….

As a trainer my goal has always been to show you what you are capable and also teach you the why and how so that you DO feel confident on your own! Sometimes we need a jumpstart, sometimes we need to the tool...a lot of times we honestly just need accountability. 

I want to take a second to celebrate Strong Feels Good Member Francine! 

She has been a part of Strong Feels Good for 14 months  (That’s over a year)

She first joined because she needed accountability, she was frustrated at home especially during the pandemic and didn’t know where to start 

So I got on a call with her and we set her up in our Strong Feels Good Gold Program. 

She is now more confident than she has ever been, down 11.5 inches and has improved in ALL areas of strength. 

Francine decided she was ready to go off on her own journey…and you know what. I am PUMPED for her


My goal is to help you...

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Relationship Communication & Coping with Breakups with Relationship Expert Clayton Olson

clayton olson podcast Jul 18, 2022


Clayton Olson is a relationship and performance coach. Clayton left his corporate job in tech sales about 10 years ago, and pursued his natural knack for personal development to fix both himself and get inspired to help others. He got his coaching certification and found his niche in helping those dealing with breakups: both those who did the breaking up and those that were broken up with. After hundreds of conversations, he started seeing patterns, and he’s even branched into helping entrepreneurs deal with the relationship they have with themselves and with their business.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about attachment in relationships, breakups, getting ghosted and why that seems to be more and more common, key questions to ask on the first date, and how we can look inside ourselves to see our own contributions in failed relationships. 

I know I say this a lot, but no matter what bad things are going on in your life, you can use them as an...

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Going All In: Writing, Entrepreneurship, and Athletics with Jodie Cook

podcast Jul 18, 2022

I’m so excited to welcome Jodie Cook on the podcast! Jodie is an amazing entrepreneur who has not only owned and sold an agency, she’s written multiple books (some of which you’ve seen me talk about on instagram), and she’s also an insane powerlifter. This episode will be a game changer for you!

In this episode, we’re going to talk about Jodie’s writing career, her books, her formula for finding the perfect tribe, her entrepreneurial journey, and so much more.

How many of you allow yourselves to wake up in the morning and allow your mood to be dictated by external events? Jodie’s books are all about identifying negative loops and being the hero of your own day by interrupting those loops and pulling yourself out of them. 

If you haven’t gotten Jodie’s books, I highly recommend them. They are truly transformative! Click here to check them out.


Connect with Jodie:

Instagram: @jodie.cook_

Website: ...

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Managing Expectations with Cory Camp

cory camp podcast Jul 18, 2022

I’m so excited to welcome my friend Cory on the show! Cory is the founder of Forever Athlete, a post-sport locker room that exists to connect and nourish former athletes. Forever Athlete offers holistic support through a digital community platform, captain led in-person events around the world, and Away Games.The goal of Forever Athlete is to play a good game of life with a team that supports you unconditionally.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about managing expectations, whether that’s in relationships, in business, or in life. 

Remember, it’s not the six pack, or the scholarship, or the sponsorship, or whatever it is that you’re chasing that’s going to bring you fulfillment. It’s learning to enjoy the process along the way, because you’ll never actually get to that destination. There’s always more to do. There’s always one more thing. But if you can learn to create some joy along the journey and try new...

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I Photoshopped Myself on the Cover of a Magazine... Here's What Happened

podcast Jul 18, 2022

Growing up, I always looked up to the women on Oxygen Magazine Cover. Their image projected confident, strong leaders in the industry. I always felt like I had SOMETHING in me, and I would read through the articles and picture myself being on the cover one day. At the time, it seemed impossible and out of reach. Little did I know, my dream would become a reality at the age of 31. 

How did it all start? 

In 2013, I started doing fitness competitions, feeling more confident with my body, and developing a love for being on camera, whether it was in video or in photographs. I started my own youtube channel and even did some content for a popular platform called

One of my first videos.... 

I was definitely knowledgable about all things working out and nutrition from my experience as a college gymnast, fitness competitor, and ninja warrior. Viewers told me I had a more digestible and welcoming way of explaining movements from my background of teaching...

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Stop Playing Small!

podcast Jul 18, 2022

How are you going to afford that?” my mom said when I told her I wanted a house on the water with a cute studio in the back.

And I get it... a lot of parents are just trying to protect you from having unreasonable expectations. But honestly, I felt like she had just shut me down and doubted my abilities and the life I could make for myself.

But as I was walking along the water in the morning I started to think to myself,  "why play small?" Instead of thinking, "how can I afford that?" why not instead think about how you can make that a reality? Because why not? Why not you? Why not us?

It comes back to the idea of playing small. Why can’t you aim to have the house on the water? The same reason we “play small” is the same reason we settle for less. Stop playing small! Play larger. Play bigger. Play greater. 

What seemingly impossible things have you already done?

When I think about these impossible goals like getting the house on the...

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3 Ways to Measure Your Worth

podcast Jul 18, 2022

When you think of your worth, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? How much money you have? How good you are at your job? How many friends you have? What your body looks like? In this episode, I’m going to talk about what your worth is and where it actually comes from. Here’s a hint: your worth does NOT come from external factors, it comes from within.

For me, I often feel like my worth is determined by money: how many products I sell, how many people are in my membership, and even by the way people treat me and my career. But I have realized that is NOT at all how you determine worth.

Picture this… You’ve woken up to a negative amount in your bank account, you're 30k in credit card debt, and you're being treated badly by the latest guy you've been dating… and you sit there and ask yourself, "what's wrong with me?"

I want you to realize that your worth is not defined by external factors, even though it may feel that way.

This has...

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4 Things I'm Bad At and Why It's Important to Challenge Yourself

podcast Jul 18, 2022

Welcome to Season 2 of the Strong Feels Good Podcast!

I have been running 2x per week, usually early in the morning when the sun is rising. It’s really been a super peaceful experience. For so long, wondered why are people would doing this... waking up early and running? YUCK!

But the more I do i, the more I get it. Like working out, it’s more than just the physical aspect. It’s about being able to wake up and be completely immersed in your thoughts where you can have some serious time with you, yourself, and nothing else. But sometimes that can be a scary place to be.

Like many people, I tend to try and distract myself so that I don’t need to deal with bigger issues happening in my life. I keep as busy as possible, but running forces me to be alone with my thoughts in the morning to think things through.

So this week I decided it’s time to talk more about these thoughts I’ve been having so that maybe they can help you along your journey. Maybe...

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Four of my Favorite Core Mini-Band Moves

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022
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Today we are going to talk about Four Movements using a Mini-band! I will walk through exactly how to do them! These movements are great as a core workout on their own, for a prep before a run, or even before you hop into your regular workout! Try it out!

00:00 Intro 

01:22 You are a Star 

02:02 Banded Leg Lowers 

02:44 Banded Marches 

03:12 Banded Mountain Climbers 



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