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Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022
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Feeling Core Exercises in your Neck?

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

 Have you ever done some core movements and thought…wow my neck hurts?


It’s actually super common, in this video we are going to go over what you can do to get rid of that pain so you can actually feel the core movements in the RIGHT area.


Number 1: Warm-up your Neck

We hold onto a lot of stress and tension in our neck and we sit hunched over a lot days. So doing these movements will help alleviate some of that built up tension.


Number 2: Tongue on Top of Mouth


Literally sounds so crazy but it does help! Put the tongue on the top of your. Mouth and try to crunch that way


Number 3: Go up instead of Forward


Instead of going forward with your crunch, pretend there is a string attached to your nose and it is pulling it straight up to the ceiling. Up instead of forward.


Number 4: Hands do NOT lift Neck


Make sure your hands are just supporting neck and not PULLING the neck up


Number 5: Use a Towel to Rest...

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Shifting into an Abundance Mindset with Jess (Glazer) Derose

jess glazer mindset Jul 18, 2022

I’m super excited to welcome one of my dearest friends, Jess Glazer on the show! Jess is a business coach, mentor, speaker, and philanthropist. A former school teacher and personal trainer, Jess turned her side hustle into a multiple 7-figure business, and she helps others do the same. She teaches her clients how to extract what they know and their lived experience and turn it into courses, programs, and content to help the world.

In this episode, Jess and I are going to talk about the importance of mindset and how to shift your mindset into a place of abundance. 

Mindset is a muscle, like anything else. We really do need to flex it and work on it every single day. You’ll have days where you feel stronger, and you’ll have days that you feel weaker, and it’s important to get support through your mindset journey. 


Connect with Jess:

Instagram: @iamjessicaderose 


Join the mailing list:


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Core exercises hurting your lower back? | Two ways to finally target your core properly

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

Has there been times you are doing core exercises and all you do is feel them in your legs or even maybe your lower back?


This is super common and a lot of it has to do with tight hip flexors taking over that core movement.


So how do we actually get to target our core properly then? I am going to show you TWO things in this video that will be total game-changers!


1- Proper Warm-up

2-Proper Core activation

3-Then we will go through and test out a core movement to see if we feel a change in

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It’s Not JUST About the Pull-Up: Conquering Your Pull-Up is Conquering Life

podcast pull-ups Jul 18, 2022

Today we’re going to be talking about pull-ups… but we’re not going to be talking about pull-up technique or how to do a pull-up, we’re going to be talking about WHY learning a pull-up can be a life-changing experience.

I started my pull-up coaching journey when I owned my own gym and I had tons of clients, especially female clients, coming to me and telling me that their biggest fitness goal was to learn a pull-up. Pull-ups can be intimidating, and the process is truly like a roller coaster. One week you’re making gains, and the next week, you can’t seem to make any progress.

As women, we may have been told our entire lives that we’re not strong enough to do it. NOT ANYMORE. You can learn a pull-up! You are strong enough. You can be patient enough. 

When you do something you think you can’t do, it will translate to other facets of your life. Approaching your pull up is like anything in life: you make small changes, little by...

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Master these 4 Moves to get Results in your Core!

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022


So you want to get a stronger core?! I hate to break it to ya, but all those fancy core moves…aren’t the best way to build a strong foundation and see results. So I am going to take you back to the BASICS. With 4 moves that you need to add to your core routine and MASTEr so that you have a strong foundation and can get one step closer to getting stronger



You core is a part of everything you do…so ya need to have a strong one!


00:00 Intro

00:50 Table Top Hold

04:05 The Deadbug

05:03 The Bear Hold

06:41 Single Leg Stands


You need to be consistent with these moves!! A six pack and a core doesn’t just come over night!


Hope this was helpful for you!




Try it Strong Feels Good FREE for 7 Days:

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7 Ways to get back to YOU again

mindset Jul 18, 2022

 Sometimes we think things are going great. And then something happens that completely shakes it. It might be super minor, it might be larger scale. But after we feel stuck, in our heads and we just can’t seem to get to feeling like ourselves again. This has happened to me numerous times, especially in dating. I never fully knew why specific events triggered me so badly. But I did realize a pattern. Some took me longer to get over than others, but as I started using this “tool kit” , believe it or not, each time something happened it took less time for me to recover. I still felt very similar feelings but now I was able to handle it, grow and move on. So let’s go through the tool kit on things I have learned through my journey.


  1. Write it out, burn it, let it go Method 


I clearly remember being so triggered a year ago. I was excited about dating this guy, we went on weekly dates, he was a gentleman, held doors open for me, planned...

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A Tale of Two ACL Tears: My ACL Story

acl acl recovery podcast Jul 18, 2022


Today’s episode answers a question I get all the time: how did I get through TWO ACL tears and come out stronger than ever? 

I was a competitive gymnast for years, and despite gymnastics being a high-risk sport, I never really had a significant injury… until one day during my sophomore year in college where I was practicing a new combination tumbling pass that ended with a double full. I told myself I was going to do one more… famous last words, right? It was on that last turn that I injured my knee. 

Years later, when I was the strongest I had ever been in my life, I was competing on American Ninja Warrior, and on national television, I tore my OTHER ACL after dismounting from an obstacle. 

In this episode, I’m going to talk about everything I went through tearing my ACL not once, but twice, and all the things I learned along the way that allowed me to come out of that opportunity (yes, opportunity) to learn and be stronger. 


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Hustling Hard: How To Achieve Your Goals and Reach Your Potential with Amanda Cass

amanda cass podcast Jul 18, 2022

Amanda Cass has been a martial artist for 25 years. She’s a professional stunt woman and super mom to her 13 year old daughter. We met at a ninja competition and we instantly clicked. There was something about Amanda’s energy that I instantly connected with. 

Before Amanda became a stunt woman, she was an in-home therapist to children with Autism, but she wanted something outside of the 9-5 world, and as she started connecting with people who had careers in this non-traditional sphere and started to see the possibilities. Sometimes we are held back by fear and money. We are afraid to leave the stability of what we know as “normal,” like a 9-5 job to pursue our real passions, but if we surround ourselves with like-minded people, we can break out of the box we have put ourselves in.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how Amanda went from a literal nobody to being a professional and highly respected stunt woman, how to take action steps to...

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How Pull-Ups Can Transform Your Life with Liz Plosser

Liz Plosser is the Editor-in-Chief for Women’s Health Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family, and like all of us, she’s trying to live her happiest, healthiest day every day. 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how I coached Liz to reach her goal to finally learn how to do a pull-up. We’ll chat about the roller coaster ride of learning a pull-up, how working towards a goal and achieving that goal can change your life, working through injuries, and finding the right community to support you.

Pull-ups can seem almost impossible, and we often believe that we can’t do them. This is especially true for women. But guess what… you’re stronger than you think! You CAN get a pull-up if you put in the work. It will be a roller coaster ride for sure, and some days are harder than others, but you are capable of getting a pull-up. Like anything in life, you need to have a goal, and the process or reaching that goal is full of...

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